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How do you become a Referral Associate?

How do you become a Referral Associate?

It’s very simple. To become a Referral Associate, you need a real estate license and an affiliation such as Weichert Referral Associates. In other words, if you have a license, this is an alternative use for it. If you are not yet a licensed real estate agent, you will be surprised how easily you can become one. Real estate school can be completed in a matter of weeks or longer depending on your schedule. Then you’ll be ready to pass a state test and acquire the license that will entitle you to become a Referral Associate.

What’s more, unlike for full-time real estate agents, your expenses will be minimal.

There’s a nominal membership fee, but no Board fees or Multiple Listing Service fees. And as for time commitment, that’s completely up to you. You’ll have no quotas and therefore no stress or responsibility.

As a Weichert Referral Associate, you’ll earn extra income just by referring the people you know.

  • Friends and family
  • Old classmates
  • Social media contacts
  • Members of any groups or organizations you belong to
  • Just about anyone you meet
  • Yourself

Whether you need a license or are looking for a viable option for the one you now have, Weichert Referral Associates is the best place to turn.

What Is A Referral Associate?

What is a Referral Associate?

A Referral Associate is someone who can earn income by sending people they know to a real estate agent as a lead.
See all there is to it.

Who Should Become A Referral Associate?

Who should become a Referral Associate?

You should! That is, if you want to earn extra income and one of these applies to you.
See if it fits you.

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