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Benefits of becoming a Referral Associate

Benefits of becoming a Referral Associate

Here are the general benefits:

  • No time commitments
  • No quotas
  • No stress or responsibility
  • Ability to refer prospects nation-wide
  • Minimal expense
    • Nominal membership fee
    • No Multiple Listing Service Fees
    • No Board Fees
    • No Errors & Omissions insurance (in most states)

Here are benefits specific to Weichert Referral Associates:

  • We make the referral process simple and effortless.
  • Our referral coordinators give you personalized service when placing referrals.
  • We offer an online training course and dialog to use in obtaining referrals.
  • You can take advantage of our live webinars, intranet and proven marketing tools.

Best of all, you can refer yourself! That means guaranteed money in your pocket each time you buy or sell a home.

What Is A Referral Associate?

What is a Referral Associate?

A Referral Associate is someone who can earn income by sending people they know to a real estate agent as a lead.
See all there is to it.

Who Should Become A Referral Associate?

Who should become a Referral Associate?

You should! That is, if you want to earn extra income and one of these applies to you.
See if it fits you.

How Do You Become A Referral Associate?

How do you become a Referral Associate?

To become a Referral Associate, you need a real estate license and an affiliation such as Weichert Referral Associates.
See how easy it is.

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