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Broker Revenue Sharing Program

Why join forces with us?

The better question might be, “Why not?” We do all the work and share the revenue with your office on every successful transaction generated by a Referral Associate aligned with your office. Handling referral business yourself is not your top priority and can be a drain on your time and resources. Not so for us. Referrals are all we do, so we have the expertise and commitment to referrals that make all the difference.

We will be 100% responsible for maintaining all licenses and handling all referrals. We charge absolutely no fees to your office to participate in this program, nor is there any effort required on your part. That’s why brokers like you are happy to partner with Weichert Referral Associates in order to increase both their revenue and sales volume.

How can you participate?

1. Allow us to manage any referral associate you already have.

2. Convince your non-productive agents to switch to referrals, especially those who are paying more in fees than they’re earning in income.

3. Recruit your retiring agents.

4. Allow us to incubate your company’s new licensees who are not yet ready or able to begin their full-time sales career.

5. It’s not required, but you can benefit by encouraging all your Referral Associate to let us provide them online training that will help them become proactive.

Want more details? Please contact us about sharing revenue.

*Revenue Sharing Program not available in all states.

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