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Turn relationships into extra income.
What Is A Referral Associate?

What is a Referral Associate?

A Referral Associate is someone who can earn income by sending people they know to a real estate agent as a lead.
See all there is to it.

Who Should Become A Referral Associate?

Who should become a Referral Associate?

You should! That is, if you want to earn extra income and one of these applies to you.
See if it fits you.

How Do You Become A Referral Associate?

How do you become a Referral Associate?

To become a Referral Associate, you need a real estate license and an affiliation such as Weichert Referral Associates.
See how easy it is.

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This Week We Are Featuring Robert Benham In Our Referral Associate Spotlight!

Featured Referral Associate

This week we are featuring Robert Benham in our Referral Associate Spotlight!

Here is Robert’s story – “I referred my sister Lynda and her husband Alan to a Weichert Referrals coordinator who placed the referral for me. Lynda and Alan were very happy with the agent they ultimately worked with explaining that she was a hustler and very pro-active with getting information and helping to push the deal through.

You need to keep reminding people that you’re in Real Estate. Most of my referrals are family, friends and clients from my full-time job. If you don’t let these people know what you do, they won’t think of you when the time finally comes. Keep an ear open to opportunities and jump into the discussion whenever possible.”

New To Real Estate?

New to Real Estate?

You can get your feet wet while you continue working at your full-time career while helping anyone you know who wants to buy or sell a home. Get started today.

Already Have A License?

Already have a license?

You can keep your real estate license active and use it to earn extra income while you’re enjoying retirement from your full-time real estate career. Get started today.

Benefits To You

Benefits to You

There are no time commitments, no quotas and no stress or responsibility. Here’s why you should.

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