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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is a referral associate different from a salesperson?
A: Being a referral associate is a simple and cost-effective way to supplement your income through referral fees. You’ll have an active real estate license but no specific time commitment, no quotas and minimal cost. You can earn commissions simply by supplying a lead that closes.

Q: Are there benefits specific to becoming a Weichert Referral Associate?
A: Yes. We’ll help you build your referral business. We provide terrific resources and marketing tools including free live webinars, an online guidebook and access to Weichert’s intranet with its more than 140 technology courses.

Q: What is the advantage of keeping my license active?
A: In many states, your inactive license will eventually be cancelled. Using it for referrals gives you an easy way to supplement your income while you keep open the option to return to sales someday.

Q: If I am coming to Weichert Referral Associates from full-time sales status, do I have to maintain my membership in the local Board of Realtors and/or multiple listing services?
A: No you don’t and you actually can’t. As a Weichert Referral Associate, you will no longer have the expenses of those memberships.

Q: How exactly do I earn a commission?
A: Every time a real estate agent closes a lead you supplied, you’ll receive a portion of their commission.

Q: Can I choose who will receive my referral leads?
A: Yes, you can. As a Weichert Referral Associate, you may decide to cultivate a relationship with one or more Sales Associates in your area. We place no restrictions on to whom, or even to which brokerage company, you can refer your leads.

Q: Can I continue as a referral associate if I move out of state?
A: Yes, you can. What’s more, you can refer yourself when you move.

Q: What if I’m licensed in more than one state?
A: You can place as many licenses as you choose with Weichert Referral Associates for one annual membership fee.

Q: What if I have a lead and don’t know any real estate agents in the area?
A: We do it all for you, just contact us.

Q: If I’m the one buying or selling, can I still earn a referral fee?
A: Yes. Referring yourself as a lead is the easiest way to earn a fee.

Weichert Referral Associates does the work. You reap the reward!

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